Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 4: Holiday Parties Gallore

I made it. I had one scare in the first holiday party of a possible tummy malfunction, and a bizarre feeling in between the two parties, but, considering what I was up against today, I have to say this day ended in a rounding success.

I overslept after late-night baking the night before. I knew I was going to miss my haircut appointment, but figured I had to keep my priorities straight - well-rested has to rank over perfectly groomed locks. I woke up with barely enough time to get ready for our first holiday party starting at around 12:30-1pm. I was nervous about eating all day thinking, how will I ensure that I don't accidentally have gluten and ruin my day? The menu seemed pretty safe, so I ordered, ate and kept drinking water. At some point during the event, my stomach flipped and alerted me to the fact that somewhere along the line I had made a mistake. I went to the bathroom and had Pepto Bismol (two chewable tablets I brought with me in case this happened). Luckily that did the trick!

We came home in between the two parties to check on the dogs and get our gift for the Kris Kringle in the evening party. During our time home I felt a little "woogy." I know that is not a word, but that is how I explain the feeling of a simmering headache, with a little brain fog. However, what was more worrisome was as I sat in front of my computer cleaning out my camera of old pictures so I could take new ones during the night, I felt the drip inside my head. This may sound like the weirdest thing ever, but it is something that I discovered does occasionally happen with my IIH - it is kind of like a nasal drip, but it is not in the same place as a nasal drip. It is almost behind where that happens. If I am lying on my side (which is what I was doing the first time I ever noticed it) the drip lands somewhere in my head behind my ear. When I am upright, as I was today, the drip almost seems to land in my head behind the roof of my mouth. It is weird, I know - I mean you must think it is weird, because it freaks ME OUT!

Anyway, I noted the time when this was happening, so I could write it down here tonight - it was about 6:40pm. I had taken my "morning" dose of Diamox at approximately 11am, along with my other meds (Pepcid AC & Lialda for Crohn's and Potassium, Vitamin C and TMG supplements) and scrambled eggs. I obviously ate something at party #1 that upset my stomach, so that may have also contributed to the wooginess and head drip, but that is part of my own non-professional theory. Ooo! Also of not, I got my period today, which could be messing with my insides causing all types of havoc.

The rest of the night went off without a hitch. I drank TONS of water and took my nighttime Diamox promptly at 10:45 pm when I started to feel a bit of discomfort in my head (psychological or not, I decided not to test the reasons behind that in the middle of a Christmas party with lots of flashing lights and loud music!). I am home now and so ready for sleep. I can't believe I made it through tonight without any great illness drama and want to go end today on a good note before any of that can change!!

Good night!

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